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Long Ranch 4 Boys



Giving through Givelify is safe, easy and secure. 


Why you should become a Long Ranch sponsor.

  1. Long Ranch 4 boys is a local ministry in DeKalb Co.
    1. Long Ranch 4 boys is a wonderful ministry opportunity to children ages 5-18 here in DeKalb Co.
  2. When you become a sponsor of Long Ranch you are helping children today and tomorrow.
    1. Long Ranch is providing loving parents, a warm home, healthy food and safe family structure that a child needs so desperately so that they can grow up and become productive contributing members of your local community.
  3. When you become a sponsor for Long Ranch you get the great feeling of knowing you are making a difference in your community and your county.
    1. You will know that what you give is staying here locally to help local children.
  4. When you become a sponsor for Long Ranch your gift is tax deductible.
    1. When you give to long ranch, Your giving to a 501© (3) tax exempt organization, so all your giving is tax deductible.
  5. When you become a sponsor for Long Ranch it will help your business.
    1. Shoppers and workers love to know that while they are shopping they are giving. Let me give you an example; two different stores sell the same item, but one store offers 5% back of the purchase price to Long Ranch to help children at no cost to the customer. Which store do you think the customer will choose? We would love to proudly display a Long Ranch supporter sticker in your store and on our website to let your customers know that, when they are spending, they are also helping at the same time. 

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